Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Dear Ezi-Feksyen Shoppers, due to internet connectivity, we'll be updating more in our facebook page rather than this page. Kindly visit, Ezi-Feksyen Facebook and remember to like the page in order to get the latest updates & info. :)

We, Ezi-Feksyen will continue to bring in more fashionable & trendy muslimah wears at most affordable prices. Thanks for supporting us.

On the happy note, Ezi-Feksyen team had collaborate with Bonjour Fashion team. Therefore, combined shipping for certain items can be arrange! 

Bonjour Fashion e-store will be updates on every weekdays, 1.30pm with ready stock items! Enjoy shopping with us, Ezi-Feksyen & Bonjour Fashion.

Thanks alot :D

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